Visit the majestic palace of Amar Singh

One of the many majestic architectures you can explore 1.5 km away from Hotel Meridian Palace is the residence of one of the late kings of the land, the Amar Mahal Palace. It was once the residence of Raja Amar Singh I, King of the Dogra. The palace is now a museum to preserve the structure as well as its contents and have experts share their findings with tourists. 

It contains all of the clues detailing the Dogra’s way of life, the king and relations with other nations, as well as the importance of the palace when it was built. You can visit while you are staying with Hotel Meridian Palace at Jammu and Kashmir but here are a few heads-up on what to expect at the venue:

What to expect in Amar Singh Palace

The Amar Mahal Palace, also known as the Amar Singh Palace, is a museum today with various paintings, gilded furniture, and monuments preserved from their original time period. Before you enter, you must first pay for the entrance fee at the booth near the front door. 

The exterior and interior of the Amang Singh Palace is among the many inspirations for the Hotel Meridian Palace in both grandeur and grace. You will see many of the royal family’s heirlooms, photographs, and attire perfectly encapsulating their happy family as well as their elegant life in India. 

Among their most prized possessions is the 120 kilogram golden throne. Other treasures can be found within the palace like the coins used in their days and the queen’s gilded gown among the displays. 

The Amar Singh Palace is open on all days of the week except Mondays. Morning tour is between 10 AM to 12 noon then it closes temporarily. It will open once again later at 3 PM to 7PM for the night tour. Entrance fees ₹50 per head for foreign nationals. Local visitors get a cheaper rate of ₹10 for adults and ₹5 for children. 

The royal families that lived in this palace

The palace was built by French architects in the 19th century under commission by Maharaja Amar Singh. From him, it was passed down to generations of royal families until Yuvraj Karan Singh donated the property to the Hari-Tara Charitable Trust. It was then turned into a museum for modern scholars as one of the most well-preserved gateway to studying the lives of the Dogra Dynasty. 

Conflict over territory is among the most prominent points of history in Jammu and Kashmir. It can still be seen to this day as Hotel Meridian Palace is near the borders between India and Pakistan. This conflict was also experienced by Maharaja Amar Singh in his time but the fight was against the Mughal. During his time, the Dogra sees how the Maharaja was an ideal leader as he is both compassionate towards his people and brave against the opposing army. Besides this, he is also known for his passion for all that is beautiful as seen in his colourful clothes and the palace red colour.

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