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Come and stay at Hotel Meridian Palace where you can live like royalties in the culture-rich region of Jammu and Kashmir. No matter your reason for visiting, you can complete all of it with no worries of comfortable lodging. Hotel Meridian Palace promises to provide amenities fit for kings and queens. 

You can inquire about hotel amenities at the reception or feel free to ask any staff you meet while you are staying. After all, the best way to optimise your experience is to know your options as soon as possible.

Bedroom amenities

Hotel Meridian Palace has many different rooms with enough amenities to serve your wishes. What’s available depends on which room you requested so be sure to get the best if you wish to stay for a long time. Regardless of your options, you are guaranteed to have the best lodging experience in India with Hotel Meridian Palace’s care and attention.

Types of beds

The variety of rooms in Hotel Meridian Palace each come with a different set of beds. Some come with one or two with varying sizes to accommodate groups of people. Other bedrooms are designed specifically for one person only. All bedrooms can be fitted with an extra bed for when you have children coming with you or renting a separate room is impractical. Here are the types of beds you can see at Hotel Meridian Palace’s rooms for rent:

Single beds

The single is a type of bed that is meant to be used by just one person. It often only comes with one pillow for the head and blankets wide enough for the bed’s width. Essentially, two people can share a single bed but it’s better to request for an extra one for the most comfortable sleep time. It is often found in pairs rather than alone in a room as every lodging offer in Hotel Meridian Palace is meant to serve a minimum of two people. 

Queen-sized beds

The queen-sized beds can be found at single standard rooms where it is alone in a wide room. It’s wide enough for two people and is the standard master’s bed in most households. There are rooms where there are two of this type of bed called the deluxe doubles. 

King-sized beds

The king-sized bed is a luxury amenity only available at deluxe royal and more expensive packages. It’s larger than the queen-sized bed but it’s still mostly designed just for two people each. One king-sized bed is large enough for a full family of four if you wish to rent only one room for a full household on a holiday. 

Extra beds

You can only rent single beds as extras at Hotel Meridian Palace. It comes with a full set of bed frames, mattress, pillows, and blankets. Please request it as you book the room so the staff can make the arrangements before your arrival. 


Basic appliances like a small refrigerator, alarm clock, and hair dryers are available in every room. Much bigger utilities like a refrigerator and a coffee maker are only available at luxury rooms. You can request inclusion to standard and deluxe rooms while booking or at any time during your stay. The hotel will provide one for you.

Television with cable

Deluxe and presidential rooms are equipped with television fitted with cable connection. You can browse hundreds of channels while you are resting in your room including both local and international stations. A remote control is available with the telly but you may request for a new one if it’s missing or broken. Staff members will be sent to set up the television with a universal remote control.

Air conditioner

Every room is equipped with an air conditioner that you can use throughout your stay. It’s a split-type with a remote control that you can easily set. If you need help with the settings, feel free to call for assistance at any time. 

Daily housekeeping

Hotel Meridian Palace aims to maintain a perfectly clean state in every nook and cranny. Housekeeping services are patrolling all halls and rooms. Their activities are regular, including occupied units. If you wish to keep your room private and free of strangers, please use the ‘do not disturb’ indicator that you can hang on your door’s outside knob.

Bathroom equipment

All rooms in Hotel Meridian Palace come with a fully equipped bathroom. There is a toilet, a bathtub with shower, bidet, and toilet paper. Shampoos, toothpaste, hand soaps, and body soaps are also provided. There are plenty of towels in cabinets and enough bathrobes for all tenants in the room.

Amenities available in the entire palace

Hotel Meridian Palace is a luxurious place that aims to provide modern standard satisfactory services at all times. You have various benefits extending not just in your room but throughout the building like the following:

Doctor on call

Whether it is an emergency or a request to check on medical concerns, Hotel Meridian Palace has a few doctors ready to call for help. There are medical professionals in the building, ready to provide first-aid treatment when necessary. You can also ask the reception to call for a specialist at a hospital in Jammu and Kashmir for more specific diagnosis. 

Free WiFi internet

The whole palace has free internet not just to guests but also visitors using Hotel Meridian Palace’s facilities. You may ask the recipient for the password and you are free to use it for the remainder of your stay. 

Other floors you can visit while you stay at Hotel Meridian Palace

Besides bedrooms, there are also other facilities you can use or rent at Hotel Meridian Palace. You are free to walk in if they are open or you can set reservations for a huge event. The hotel will accommodate all kinds of parties or gatherings which may include catering as well as hosting. 

The bar

If you fancy a cold brew or something warm while also being at a social space, then visit the bar for some quality time. It’s only open from the evening until morning so swing by when it’s operational. All tenants are welcome to visit the bar and grab a seat as well as a bottle of drink. Some booths are for reservation only unless it’s not a busy night at the bar. You can rent the space to host an event but this will require scheduling with the hotel management. 


The restaurant is among the most important amenities in a hotel and Hotel Meridian Palace has an amazing place for dining. It comes with all of the services and food quality expected of a fine dining establishment. The restaurant is open from morning until night as it serves breakfast until dinner. If you wish for catering services then the restaurant can be rented but the schedule had to be arranged a few weeks in advance. 

Conference hall

The conference hall is a facility available for reservations only. If you wish to use it, please send your intent to the receptionist and a managerial staff will meet you to arrange the specifics. Hotel Meridian Palace will help you make the necessary arrangements like the number and arrangement of seats, host if needed, as well as catering services. 

The conference hall can be reserved for an entire day and the hotel staff will help with filling the necessary positions to host the event. Please have an organiser set an itinerary for the event as well as required equipment that should be provided or rented. The conference hall is equipped with a large display monitor, lights control, and sound systems for music or microphones. 

Party hall

The party hall can serve the same purpose as the conference hall or it can be used to host a fun event. It also comes with a high-quality sound system display but there are more fun lights in the room than anywhere else in the hotel. You can host private gatherings or parties with varying invitation methods.

If you wish to host a party that all attendees can walk-in rather than requiring an invitation, then make an arrangement with Hotel Meridian Palace. All of your needs will be met and the staff will provide means to promote your activity for other guests. You can also bring your own equipment but please have them be registered with the hotel for proper tracking of inventory. 


The hotel has a wide parking space for all guests and visitors alike. You may self-park or have a valet do it for you. If you wish to have a secured spot for convenience, you may contact the reception for reservations. Inquiring a spot for parking is essential during the holidays when Hotel Meridian Palace is most busy so please ask when booking. The parking space is highly accessible for easy comings and goings, allowing you to continue your exploration around India quickly. 

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