Hotel Meridian Palace: Our rooms and rates

Planning a vacation is great as it helps you take your time to relax your mind from your daily activities like work. As much as staying at home can be quite relaxing, nothing beats a little getaway to a beautiful place like Jammu and Kashmir in India. 

In this beautiful place filled with amazing natural sceneries and impressive temples, you may want to find a place where you can stay comfortably for the night. One of the hotels you can find in the area is Hotel Meridian Palace that ensures you of a great stay once you decide to book a room with us. 

When looking for a hotel to stay in when you’re in India, you would have to consider the type of room where you’ll be staying. If you are unsure of what type of room you need yet, here is a closer at the available rooms you can find at Hotel Meridian Palace: 

Room types 

We have several available rooms that you can choose from. With that, make sure to learn more about how these rooms differ so you can find which ones are most suitable for you and your companions! 

Standard single room

Rate: Rs 2600

Standard rooms are the most basic rooms that people can find in hotels. These rooms don’t have a view but they assure you to have a great staying in experience. These are equipped with a single bed that can let you sleep comfortably, especially if you’re alone. This room has its own restroom with hot and cold shower. 

Standard double room 

Rate: Rs 3000 

If you are looking for a place to crash in with someone, try our standard double rooms which are some of the most affordable ones you can find in the area. Though they may not have a decent view, they are guaranteed to let you have a great stay and a good sleep. It also has a shower with cold and hot water that can help you freshen up. 

Deluxe single room

Rate: Rs 3500 

Deluxe rooms are quite similar to their standard counterparts, except they have a better view and a larger space. Deluxe rooms have nice windows that give you a glimpse of what’s outside. This is perfect for those who are travelling alone and are looking for a more comfortable stay. 

Deluxe double room 

Rate: Rs 4000 

Our deluxe double rooms are more spacious than the single deluxe room since they are much bigger. Not to mention that the bed is also bigger since it can fit two people as well. It also has better pieces of furniture that can make our stay more comfortable. This also has a great view of what’s outside. 

Deluxe royal room

Rate: Rs 4500

This is the biggest among our deluxe rooms and they also have a great view of the scenery nearby. It has a queen-sized bed that can comfortably fit our guests for a good night’s sleep. It also has enough space inside to move comfortably. This type of deluxe room has balconies where our guests can chill or smoke. 

Suite (single/double)

Rate: from Rs 6000

For those who are looking for a more luxurious accommodation, try our suite rooms. These rooms have a decent sitting area that is separate from the bedroom itself. Depending on what you like, we have suites for those who like a single suite or a double suite.

These suites are spacious enough to make anyone feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their stay. These rooms also have their own balcony as well as bathrooms on their respective rooms. The room accents are also luxurious to look at. 

Presidential (single/double)

Rate: from Rs 8000

Our presidential rooms are the most expensive rooms we offer and there is a great reason for that. By staying here, our guests will feel like VIPs as they step into this massive room that has a lot of space to move in. Compared to our other rooms, staying in this room will feel like staying in a part of a mansion. 

This room gives off a more luxurious feel compared to our suites which are already well-adorned. Aside from the best quality of beds, some fancy pieces of furniture, and lavish interiors, it also has a large balcony where people can take a look at the nice view they have on their rooms. 

What to expect in our rooms 

Aside from the comfortable beds and the decent pieces of furniture, there are other things when you check into one of our available rooms. Here are some of them: 

  • Strong WiFi connection
  • Bathrooms with hot and cold showers
  • Bathtub (for suite and presidential rooms)
  • Clean linens (including comforters)
  • Well-sanitised flooring and beddings
  • Complimentary food 
  • Night lamps 
  • Massive closets 
  • Wall mounted televisions
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Bedroom slippers


Aside from learning more about the rooms we offer, there are other reminders that we tell our guests so they’ll learn more about what it’s like to stay with us. 

  • We have a 10% service charge on our room rates and on our food. 
  • Check out time is strictly at 12 noon. We strictly implement this to ensure that our staff will have ample time to clean the rooms for our next guests. 
  • Each additional person in one room will be charged with Rs 600. 
  • All our rooms are sanitised. If possible, we request that the rooms be kept clean as much as possible, especially before check out. 
  • Guests are suggested to refrain from holding parties inside the rooms so as to avoid excessive noise within the facility. This is to respect our other guests who may be taking their time to relax in one of our rooms. 
  • We offer complimentary breakfast to all our guests. However, those who wish to order more food can simply pick up the phone inside their rooms to order from our in-house restaurant and bar. 
  • The room rates are subject to change without prior notice. Usually, they can be more expensive on weekends, holidays, and summer time, 

Why stay with Hotel Meridian Palace? 

There are several reasons why people should try checking in at Hotel Meridian Palace. Here are some of them: 

Strategic location 

Hotel Meridian Palace has a great location in Jammu and Kashmir, India. What tourists will love most about it is its proximity to the commercial centre of the area. This makes it near to the airport, the railway station, and bus stands. There are also several nearby establishments people can check out in case they need something. 

The hotel is also located nearby major attractions like the Bahu Fort, Aquarium, Amar Singh Palace and several temples. Check out our list of attractions to learn what these places offer and how far they are from the hotel.

Decent rooms 

As one of the most luxurious hotels that can be found in Jammu and Kashmir, people are guaranteed to have a memorable stay here with us. More importantly, the rooms are clean and neat and have the right amount of facilities that can make one’s stay more comfortable. More importantly, it has impressive window views that will make people appreciate the place’s beauty even more. 

By having several room types that are suitable for tourists with different budget preferences, people will find a nice place to stay in during their vacation that isn’t as expensive as the other hotels in the area.    

Safe staying experience 

Our hotel is also equipped with surveillance cameras that assure our guests of their safety. So, in case an incident happens around the hotel on the hallways, guests are guaranteed of our help since we made sure that we’ll see what happens inside our facilities. That way, our guests can enjoy a worry-free stay with us. 

Tourists will also see that we have hired the best staff that ensures guests of the best staying experience. Aside from being polite, our staff are also helpful enough to attend to all our guests’ needs. 

Delicious food

All our food is prepared by our in-house chefs who have great knowledge about Indian cuisine. By eating our complimentary breakfast food or ordering from our in-house restaurant, people will have a taste of the wondrous meals that the hotel has made available for them. Aside from traditional Indian food, people can also order some of our house specialties that are worth trying out as well.  Depending on our guests’ preferences, they may opt to eat from our function halls or have their meals delivered to their doorsteps. 

These are just some facts that people will have to know before staying with us here at Hotel Meridian Palace. By keeping these in mind and seeing how amazing it is to stay here, people can have a great time exploring the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir, India while knowing that they have a nice room to come back to when they’re tired! 

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